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The Bond Thing – Day 1 

We kick off The Bond Thing with the category of favorite Bond Gun Barrel/Pre-title sequence. As my Bond fandom developed over the years every part of the series contribute to the overall experience. The gun barrel/pre-title sequence is part of this. Sometimes we get one and just feel that we are going to get a great Bond film. Sometimes we know we may get a not so good one. So let’s get started. There will be a link to view each one on YouTube in the title.

5) Dr. No (1962)


There is no pre-title sequence, just a gun barrel for 007’s first cinematic outing. We hear a bunch of techno/computer sounds as the names of Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman flash across the screen and that white circle opens up to the barrel. No one knew what Bond was going to be on the screen. Not even fans of the novels. It was mysterious and very spy like. And in 1962 the mystery was solved. 

Tomorrow, my fourth favorite gun barrel/pre-title sequence…


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