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The Bond Thing – Day 2

Today is #4 in the category of favorite Bond Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence. Today we get a visit from Sir Roger Moore.

4) Live and Let Die (1973)


Fitting that this entry comes up for day 2 as it is where I am at currently in my marathon. I like tend to like the Bond openings that involve Bond being introduced, reintroduced or reinvented for us. This one stands out for two reasons. The first is that Bond does not appear at all in the pre-title sequence as 3 agents are killed in 3 different locations. It’s actually similar to the opening scene from Dr. No with the murder of Strangways, only it’s not after the credits. It is a very tone setting scene. The other is George Martin’s take on the Bond Theme. It has a very 70s/funk vibe to it that makes his score one of my favorites in the series.

Tomorrow number 3 favorite gun barrel…The Bond Thing Will Return

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