The Bond Thing – Day 5

Day 5 closes out this category with my favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-title sequence.

1) Casino Royale (2006)

My favorite sequence is the one that breaks with Bond convention by not only not having it to open the film, but have it built into the pre-title sequence.

It’s a really tense seen where a pre-Double O Bond corners a corrupt section chief and we get to see the 2 kills that are required to gain Double-O status. Shot totally in black and white we see how visceral Bond’s first kill is and how it is not an easy thing to do. Upon executing the section chief, we cut back to where his first target is not quite dead and Bond quickly turns and we get that iconic pose. In that moment Bond begins. 

So there is the first five days of The Bond Thing. The Bond Thing will return with the category of 5 favorite Bond Girls.

The Bond Thing – Day 4

We’re coming to the home stretch for the Gun Barrel/Pre-title category. My 2nd favorite will certainly be a controversial selection for sure.

2) GoldenEye (1995)

So I’m gonna just put this out there. I don’t hate Eric Serra’s score for GoldenEye. I understand the hate everyone has for it. Yet for me. It fits. Bond had been gone for 6 years and as I said earlier, I love when we get the movie where Bobd is basically given back to us fans. It’s jarring no doubt to hear that rendition of the Bond theme, but combine that with the new and slick CGI gun barrel along with Pierce Brosnan’s confident walk and we have Bond for the 1990s. The pre-title sequence that teams up Bond and 006 gave us something that we hadn’t seen and that’s Bond working relationship with another MI6 agent. It all makes for kicking off a very good adventure.

The Bond Thing continues tomorrow with my favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence…

The Bond Thing – Day 3

We continue The Bond Thing with my 3rd favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence.

3) Goldfinger (1964)


The third Bond feature is the one most credited for giving the series its formula. The gadgets, the cars, and having the pre-title sequence not always being a part of the main narrative. Its impact alone makes it part of my top 5, but I have other reasons. The biggest is the orchestration of the Bond theme in the gun barrel. John Barry gives it a smoother feeling than From Russia With Love, but it feels meaner. It really feels like Bond has been perfected as a movie character and belongs among the cinema world now. This crosses over to the pre-title scene where Connery is not the agent in Dr. No or the spy in From Russia With Love, but a larger than life character. Plus it contains one of my favorite 007 lines. No not “shocking,” but rather “I have a slight inferiority complex.” 

The Bond Thing will return tomorrow with number 2 in the Gun Barrel/Pre-Title category….

The Bond Thing – Day 2

Today is #4 in the category of favorite Bond Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence. Today we get a visit from Sir Roger Moore.

4) Live and Let Die (1973)


Fitting that this entry comes up for day 2 as it is where I am at currently in my marathon. I like tend to like the Bond openings that involve Bond being introduced, reintroduced or reinvented for us. This one stands out for two reasons. The first is that Bond does not appear at all in the pre-title sequence as 3 agents are killed in 3 different locations. It’s actually similar to the opening scene from Dr. No with the murder of Strangways, only it’s not after the credits. It is a very tone setting scene. The other is George Martin’s take on the Bond Theme. It has a very 70s/funk vibe to it that makes his score one of my favorites in the series.

Tomorrow number 3 favorite gun barrel…The Bond Thing Will Return

The Bond Thing – Day 1 

We kick off The Bond Thing with the category of favorite Bond Gun Barrel/Pre-title sequence. As my Bond fandom developed over the years every part of the series contribute to the overall experience. The gun barrel/pre-title sequence is part of this. Sometimes we get one and just feel that we are going to get a great Bond film. Sometimes we know we may get a not so good one. So let’s get started. There will be a link to view each one on YouTube in the title.

5) Dr. No (1962)


There is no pre-title sequence, just a gun barrel for 007’s first cinematic outing. We hear a bunch of techno/computer sounds as the names of Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman flash across the screen and that white circle opens up to the barrel. No one knew what Bond was going to be on the screen. Not even fans of the novels. It was mysterious and very spy like. And in 1962 the mystery was solved. 

Tomorrow, my fourth favorite gun barrel/pre-title sequence…