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  • NO TIME TO DIE: A Reaction and a Confessional

    NO TIME TO DIE: A Reaction and a Confessional

    I do agree with the consensus that NO TIME TO DIE is a fitting farewell to Daniel Craig as James Bond. Craig is the first Bond actor who gets such a moment as the others in the past simply said they weren’t coming back. Since Craig is the one actor who’s tenure consists of a […]

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  • Five Favorite Film Music Moments

    Five Favorite Film Music Moments

    A while back I made a post about my five favorite film scores. I decided to expand on that and give you all my favorite film music moments. So the way this works is I’m going to name some of my favorite movie moments and touch on why the music means so much to the scene. Let’s begin! […]

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  • Comic Review: James Bond 007 Vargr – Issue 2

    Comic Review: James Bond 007 Vargr – Issue 2

       -Spoilers- Brief Plot Synopsis Issue 2 of Vargr picks up with Bond arriving in Berlin and meeting up with Dharma Reach. Bond moments ensue with Reach attacking 007 and crashing the car. Bond meets up with his station contact who leads him to meet Mr. Slaven Kurjak. The amount of time with get with […]

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  • Film Review: Spectre

    Film Review: Spectre

       The twenty-fourth Bond film is at long last here. Daniel Craig returns for his fourth adventure as 007. Spectre has come in with a fair amount of expectation considering the success of its predecessor Skyfall. Does Spectre measure up as one of the top tier Bond films? Or is it among the ranks of […]

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  • Comics Review James Bond 007: Vargr

    Comics Review James Bond 007: Vargr

    This is the first issue of a new miniseries from writer Warren Ellis based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007.     This issue opens with Bond on a revenge mission to find the man who killed 008. This is basically our Pre-Title sequence. It’s straightforward action and pretty visually visceral. Sort of reminiscent of […]

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  • The Bond Thing Finale Part 2

    The Bond Thing Finale Part 2

    Moment of truth folks. My top 5 revealed! 5) Licence To Kill Timothy Dalton’s second and final outing as 007 has him taking on Franz Sanchez. A drug lord responsible for the maiming of his friend Felix Leiter and the death of Leiter’s wife Della. It was a certain change of pace from previous entries. […]

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  • The Bond Thing Finale Top 10 Bond Films Part 1

    The Bond Thing Finale Top 10 Bond Films Part 1

    This has been a fun venture naming some of my favorite things relating to the Bond films. I know I fell behind with posting each day, but now we are at the big moment. My top 10 favorite Bond films. This is before I’ve seen Spectre so perhaps this list changes after I see it […]

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  • The Bond Thing Days 16-20

    The Bond Thing Days 16-20

    Next up for The Bond Thing as I continue to play catch up, the countdown is my top 5 moments in a Bond Film. 5) “Now speak or forever hold your piece.” From The Man With The Golden Gun    Roger Moore usually gets a bad rap during his run for being too campy. My […]

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  • The Bond Thing Days 11-15

    The Bond Thing Days 11-15

    Continuing my catch up, I present today my 5 Favorite Bond Theme Songs: 5) The World is Not Enough – Performed by Garbage (1999)   An oily backdrop sets the tone for this title track that I never paid much attention to in the past, but this song really is one the highlights of the film. […]

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  • The Bond Thing – Day 6-10

    The Bond Thing – Day 6-10

    So this is one of those weeks where life has gotten in the way, therefore I hadn’t been able to bring you The Bond Thing over the last couple weeks. Well today we are playing catchup. This list will consist of my top 5 Bond Girls. Like the previous list it may not be in […]

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