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Gotham City Photography – Shots from Batman: Arkham Knight

Taking some time out to share some photos I created in the Photo Mode of the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. I completed the game a while back but went back to play the DLC missions and rediscovered this mode. I didn’t have a good grasp on it in the beginning, simply taking standard shots of what was immediately on screen. I kept practicing and got a handle on moving the camera around, fiddling with the lighting, looking at the best angles and I think I’ve improved a great deal. So here are some recent shots. I hope you all enjoy!


Step Off 



The Knight Returns  


Turbines to speed

Atomic Batteries to Power





Harley Quinn


Queen Clown

The Pale Moonlight   
Leap of Faith

Batter Up   

High Kick Harley


 Size up  


 Foot meet Face
You Ready?


Dance with the Devil
I’m Out!


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