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Early Thoughts: The Flash (1990s TV series)



This was a blind buy a few months ago. I found the complete series in a bargain bin at Best Buy for $10. I’ve always heard of this version of The Flash but I’ve never watched an episode. However being a fan of the current series on The CW, I decided to give this a try. At the moment I’ve only watched a few episodes, but I want to just give a few quick thoughts on this superhero series. To my surprise, I’m actually really impressed so far. Aside from some general 1990s cheesiness, the show actually has some decent production values. I haven’t done any research but I would imagine that after the success of the 1989 Batman film, Warner Bros had some money left over to devote to this. Speaking of the Batman connection, the series features a damn good theme by Danny Elfman. It has a Batman feel as evidenced by my wife who heard the show playing and asked if I was watching Batman, but it’s really epic in its own right. 

 The chemistry between John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen and Amanda Pays as Tina McGee is also a highlight. I’ve enjoyed their dynamic and partnership early on. It’s great that they both have made appearances in the new series. 

 I’ve also enjoyed the seriousness with which the source material is taken. I know in this era it’s a battle between “dark and gritty” and “comic-icky fluff” yet this series so far has balanced both in what I have seen. The Flash makes sure to give us a superhero come to life. That’s how I always approach the genre.

I heard the series gets better as it goes along. I’m hooked now and can’t wait to see some of the Rogues like Captain Cold, Mirror Master and The Trickster. Now I’m wondering what would have happened had this show been able to continue.   

I do feel that the newest Flash series is overall better constructed, but what I’ve seen so far, this early live action incarnation is quite the gem in superhero television. 


6 responses to “Early Thoughts: The Flash (1990s TV series)”

  1. awesome post, Eric! I loved this show. I videotaped so many eps on vhs back in the day. may still have them…

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