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  • Takeover


    Collection update time! Let’s greet the new arrivals… First is Harley Quinn in her New 52 style. I love this comic and it introduced me to the work of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.    My wife wanted a princess for our collection and she certainly picked a good one with Princess Tiana from Disney’s […]

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  • Exclusive-ness


    Picked up a few of the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusive Pops for the collection. First up is the newest MCU star. Scott Lang, Ant-Man here in his black suit.   We add another guardian to the squad with Rocket and Potted Groot.  Here we have a Target exclusive, Daredevil in his yellow suit from […]

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  • New on the Scene Part 1

    New on the Scene Part 1

    It’s been a while since I made a post. So to get back in the flow of this is the newest collection update. My Funko Pop collection grows more and more with these newest additions. First we have new additions the American Horror Story collection. From season 3’s Coven we have Misty Day, the biggest […]

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  • The One, The Leader and The Law

    The One, The Leader and The Law

    The Den grows with more Funko Pops! First up is Neo of the Matrix or Mr. Anderson if you ask Agent Smith    Next is the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers better known as Cyclops    Lastly, you better stop or there will be trouble. Officer Murphy or Robocop will take you dead or […]

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  • More Pop! Additions

    More Pop! Additions

    Some new additions to the collection. I think I’m pushing 60 Pops now. First we have a character from my wife’s collection, Fionna from Adventure Time. Now we just have to get her Cake. Next we have the Malcolm Reynolds, the captain of Serenity from the show Firefly The mutant master of the weather, Ororo […]

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  • Crisis of Characters

    Crisis of Characters

    It wouldn’t be the Den without new additions of my favorite addiction…Funko Pop Vinyls! First we have the Master of Magnetism from Marvel, Magneto Then from DC’s New 52 we have Earth-2 Batman

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  • The Collection Grows

    The Collection Grows

    My collection of Funko Pop Vinyl figures continue to grow with a very diverse group. First up we have an updated picture with Captain America and Black Widow. I previously had them with The Avengers now they are advertising Captain America The Winter Soldier Next is the Merc with the Mouth, Marvel’s Deadpool with his […]

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  • Carry on my Wayward Son into the future

    New additions to my Pop collection. We have the brothers Winchester Sam and Dean from the television series Supernatural And Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond

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  • Who You Gonna Call?

    A new Pop! Vinyl figure…. The Big One-Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters

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  • Characters and their Movies-Autobots Edition

    A couple new additions to my Characters and Movies pictures. Today we have Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. The two most popular Autobots as I recap the Transformers series in preparation for Age of Extinction.

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