The Cloverfield Paradox – DeaconsDen Review

Imagine the surprise that went through the world of film when it was announced during Super Bowl LII that the third installment of the Cloverfield franchise would make its debut on Netflix after the game. Many people who weren’t interested in the game wanted it to be over so they could watch it. I was one of them. Side note about the game if you don’t follow American Football, my Philadelphia Eagles won 41-33. Fly Eagles Fly! Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the 2008 original and 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, which you can read my review of that film. How does this surprise installment fit?

Unfortunately, The Cloverfield Paradox is quite inferior to its predecessors. It’s a shame because the film has an idea that it starts to explore, but it never quite holds onto to explore that premise and in the process become a standard, run of the mill, science fiction horror film that we’ve seen many times before. One reason I think that this film doesn’t work for me is because in the prior films there was a good marriage between the concept presented (monster movie, claustrophobic thriller) and the characters that gave the viewer someone to connect with. If it’s the crew of friends trying to escape New York or Mary Elizabeth Winestead’s Michelle trying escape from John Goodman’s psychotic Howard, we had something to connect to. In Paradox, you really don’t get anything like that from the main crew of this ship. They’re just there and because the film also abandoned its concept you end up abandoning any investment in their story as well.

I can understand why The Cloverfield Paradox was sent to Netflix. It’s a disappointingly average entry into a franchise that I’ve grown to look forward to. The thing is, I could accept the lack of developed characters if they hell true to exploring the concept further, or vice versa. Sadly, it’s a jack and master of no trades.

Final Rating. 2/4

Quick Film Review: Hush

Hush is my kind of thriller. 

A young author (Katie Seigal) who is both deaf and mute is stalked within her own home by a masked man. 

That’s it. That’s the premise. And it works. Hush is a thriller that is all lean and no fat. Very quickly are we introduced to our principals and the action gets going.

Hush has a lot of things going for it, but the most important thing is that it really doesn’t waste time. It’s under 90 minutes so it’s an easy watch. Even though the main character is deaf, I’m both surprised and relieved that there are no gimmicks with the sound design to imitate her deafness. It’s established early on so we don’t have to experience it in order to comprehend the dire situation she is in. Also I’m glad that the score never overtakes the action as it has been know to happen in a great deal of thriller films.

All in all I really enjoyed this film. It’s a well paced thriller who knows from minute one what it wants to do and does everything in its power to not waste your time. If you have Netflix, check this one out.

Final Rating (5/5) Some economic storytelling and filmmaking make for a really fun to watch thriller here.

Daredevil Vol. 1 Review (Brian Michael Bendis-Alex Maleev)


Collects Daredevil #16-19 & #26-40

I don’t have a load of experience reading Daredevil. I read a few stories around when the movie came out in 2003, but that pretty much was he extent of my familiarity. Surprisingly enough, I became attached to the character of Elektra but still, not totally informed of Hornhead’s adventures.

With the recent release of the Netflix series (which is awesome by the way) coupled with sales on the Marvel Comics digital app, I purchased this collection to read alongside my viewing. 

This was a fantastic collection of stories that focus not to much on Matt Murdock’s adventures as Daredevil, but Matt’s identity as Daredevil. 

The first arc covers reporter Ben Urich’s attempts to get a story out about a little boy who may or may not know about the disappearance of his father, a supervillian. I found this to be a very compelling story as Urich is doing everything in his power to get this story out against all odds. I now see why he is considered a major supporting character. He is as old school as they come. He just wants to report a story.

The bulk of the collection covers the fallout of a federal agent who discloses that Matt is Daredevil. His hand his forced and he must keep his appearances limited while dealing with the fallout. In the meantime he has to defend a costumed hero accused of murder. The last few issues in this volume make for great court drama that I hope we get to see more of in the series.

It was great to see Matt caught between a rock and a hard place, as well as seeing some of those close to him try to guide him through this period, Foggy, Black Widow, Elektra. Interesting how Matt has such support even though he feel he may not.

The writing and artwork are spot on. Bendis and Maleev and Daredevil honestly were a perfect mixture. There is such realism to New York that reminds me in ways of Chrisopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy as opposed to say a Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Upon completion I would whole heartedly recommend this collection to comic readers and new Daredevil fans once they become familiar with the characters in his world.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Streaming Alert / Recent Additions / March 2015

From Vic at Vic’s Movie Den. An update on what’s new to streaming.



Hi everyone! Vic here with another post with some of the latest and most recent additions to Netflix Streaming and Amazon Prime.

To take advantage of the High Definition selections, it helps to have High Speed Internet and an HDTV Smart TV or Hi Def Media Player or Device I.E. A PS3, WD Live TV Media Player, Roku or Apple TV.

I hope there is a Movie or two, on the list, that you may want to check out. Meanwhile, enjoy the selections and the some Trailers below.

Happy Streaming, gang!


images (7)

How to train your Dragon 2 (2014)

Force Majeure (2014)


Saw II


Saw IV


Third Rock from the Sun

Three Days of the Condor

Groundhog Day

ABC’s of Death 2

Angriest Man in Brooklyn


Taxi Driver

Billy Madison

Donnie Brasco

The Alps from Above


Robocop (2014)


Earth to Echo

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