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  • Joker – DeaconsDen Reaction

    Joker – DeaconsDen Reaction

    JOKER as a film manages to capture the essence of The Joker as a character. Anchored by an amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix, JOKER is a look into a man’s descent to darkness. Phoenix is Arthur Fleck, a man with issues who lives with and takes care of his sick mother Penny. Arthur works as […]

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  • Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Batman: Damned is the first original release from DC Black Label, an imprint of DC Comics. The purpose of this imprint is to showcase stories that are not part of main continuity and are more flexible in matters of content. This line is meant to have mature stories and subject matter. The line will consist […]

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  • Remembering a classic – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    Remembering a classic – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    There is a fantastic scene in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm that elevates it so far above other Batman films in terms of its story and character development.  The scene is a flashback to when Bruce Wayne was developing the Batman persona. He has been out fighting crime, but realizes that criminals do not fear […]

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  • Film Review: Suicide Squad

    Film Review: Suicide Squad

    The Squad has arrived.  This is the 3rd film in the still developing DC Extended Universe. Written and directed by David Ayer (Training Day, Sabotage, Fury), Suicide Squad follows the exploits of a team of criminals as they are used by the government to carry out dangerous missions in exchange for lower sentences. The Squad […]

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  • Film Review – Batman: The Killing Joke

    Film Review – Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke is the 26th film in DC Universe Original Animated Movies line. It is an adaptation of the 1988 graphic novel of the same name written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland. The Killing Joke is a one-shot Batman story that has his archenemy The Joker, shooting Barbara Gordon and […]

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  • Face-Offs


    Some shots of my Funko Pops squaring off and ready for battle. Civil War Alien Warfare Ideological Conflict The Lion vs Evil Clown Prince vs Caped Crusader Lightning and Ice

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