Beauty and Death 

I recently purchased a Bishoujo statue of Elektra. After reading many stories featuring her, I think I can say she is my favorite Marvel character. Her quest and wavering morals make her an intriguing character to follow. This statue has great coloring and I love the pose and detail of the costume.

  The Elektra Saga is a 4 part reprinting of Elektra’s first appearance in Daredevil. Her origins are explained and her connection to Matt Murdock is written and drawn so well by Frank Miller
  Elektra #1 from 1996 is the 1st monthly series featuring Elektra. I have only read a couple of issues so far in this series but it seems to be more action focused. Hopefully some character development can come about in later issues. This is certainly an 1990s era comic in artwork at the very least
  Elektra #1 from 2001. The second monthly series lasted 35 issues. I read every issues and loved it. As the series went on you discover a few nuggets of Elektra’s character and more about the lines she may or may not cross.
  Ultimate Elektra is the sequel to Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra. This miniseries had more of a crime element to it.
  Elektra #1 from 2014. This series just wrapped up with 11 issues. Here we follow Elektra in the actual world of assassins and we get to see her more on her own. Not as Daredevil’s girlfriend or Bullseye’s victim.