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  • DeaconsDen Reaction – MALCOLM & MARIE

    DeaconsDen Reaction – MALCOLM & MARIE

    MALCOLM & MARIE could have been a relationship drama on par with MARRIAGE STORY if only it’s director took himself out of the equation. Zendaya and John David Washington star in this hard hitting assault of verbosity by writer-director Sam Levinson. Malcolm Elliott is a film director who has just premiered his latest work. His […]

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  • DeaconsDen Classic Reaction – Riot in Cell Block 11

    Opening with a pseudo-newsreel documenting prison riots across the USA, you would expect Riot in Cell Block 11 to be quite preachy. In fact it’s rather nuanced for a film from the early 1950s. Don Siegel would become known for cynical loners, but here he presents a film with a message. The crux of the […]

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  • DeaconsDen Classic Reaction- Once Upon a Time in America

    Sergio Leone’s finale, Once Upon a Time in America, has a much different feel than most crime epics. Leone directs the film as if it were a fever dream. We’re introduced to our main character Noodles (Robert De Niro) in an opium den. From there we get a non-linear story that covers Noodles life as […]

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  • DeaconsDen Classic Reaction – Anatomy of a Murder

    Tremendous courtroom drama. Anatomy of a Murder makes a great double feature with 12 Angry Men as 2 parts of the trial process. This was my first time watching it. For years I knew of that iconic poster by the great Saul Bass. I did not know however, that the film’s score was by Duke […]

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  • DeaconsDen Classic Reaction – Morocco

    Directed by Josef von Sternberg, Morocco feels to me like a proto-Casablanca. Same location, different war. Unlike the 1942 Best Picture winner which felt very realistic, Morocco has an abstract and otherworldly aura to it. We feel the hazy humidity of the setting, but it also appears this isn’t a familiar place. That these travelers […]

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  • DeaconsDen Classic Reaction – Gun Fury

    Directed by Raoul Walsh, Gun Fury is a revenge western that sees Rock Hudson as a man left for dead after a stagecoach robbery and sets out to find the men who did this to him. The gang has also kidnapped his fiancée played by Donna Reed who was coming off an Oscar winning role […]

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  • The DeaconsDen 10 Favorite Episodes of The Twilight Zone

    The DeaconsDen 10 Favorite Episodes of The Twilight Zone

      Every year, sometimes even 2 times a year, SyFy shows its Twilight Zone marathon. Normally it’s aired with the episodes out of order, but for the 2016 New Year’s edition the entire series was shown in order from start to finish. The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite shows off all-time. I began watching […]

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  • Youth is not wasted on these young people: Young Justice Season 1

    Youth is not wasted on these young people: Young Justice Season 1

       So I knew of the reputation of this show after it had gone off the air. Like another short-lived animated show, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice ended before it could truly begin. The first season had been on Netflix streaming for a while and I had it in my list. I finally started it […]

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  • Gravity – Review

    Directed By: Alfonso Cuarón Produced By Alfonso Cuarón and David Heyman Starring Sandra Bullock & George Clooney Running Time: 90 minutes Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures Stanley Kubrick would have been proud. In all the films about space, none I believe are more influential than Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I always felt […]

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