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  • Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    I’ve read a great deal of comics in my life. And with the many I have read, I’ve come across many iconic stories for some of my favorite characters. For Batman there’s classics like The Long Halloween, Year One, The Killing Joke. Superman you have Birthright, Kingdom Come and The Death of Superman. Yet for […]

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  • Wonder Woman – DeaconsDen Review

    Wonder Woman – DeaconsDen Review

    After 75 years of history which includes comics, television (both live-action and animated) and even an animated film, Diana of Themyscira finally has her first theatrical film. Wonder Woman is the fourth installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Patty Jenkins directs Gal Gadot, resuming the role of Diana from 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn […]

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  • Review: Justice League vs Teen Titans

    Review: Justice League vs Teen Titans

     Another day, another DC Universe film to review. Honestly these are some of my favorite things to review. I always love when these movies come out because they tend to cover storylines in the DC world that most likely won’t make it to the big screen, yet they work so well on the small screen. […]

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  • Batman v Superman: Deeper Insights

    Batman v Superman: Deeper Insights

    SPOILERS WILL BE DISCUSSED HERE I decided to write a second piece on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After writing the review, (Which you can read here) I realized that I still had many things in my head regarding this film. As a person who enjoyed it, I wanted to get out my remaining […]

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  • Film Review – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Film Review – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Remember back in 2007 when you saw “I Am Legend” and saw this and snickered?    Well now that throwaway image is now a reality. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the second film in the DC Extended Universe is here.  This movie has certainly been talked about ever since it was announced. Mostly it […]

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  • Superhero Snapshots

    Superhero Snapshots

    These are just some pictures I shot of the Justice League while practicing with my new Canon DSLR. Some are solo, some are with the animated movies released about them. Enjoy!                                    

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