Still Growing, Never Stopping

Time for a new update to the constant growth of our Funko Pop collection!

Here we have that high flying kicker from Capcom, Chun-LiFrank Castle aka The Punisher always is on the hunt.

She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way. Taking the stage is Jessica RabbitThe Hyborian Age comes alive with Red Sonja and Conan the Barbarian

Spider-Man’s ultimate nemesis flies in. The Green Goblin“Get away from here you B–ch!” Ellen Ripley plays no games with the Alien Queen.Last we have one of the original Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl. 


Some shots of my Funko Pops squaring off and ready for battle.

Civil War

Alien Warfare

Ideological Conflict

The Lion vs Evil

Clown Prince vs Caped Crusader

Lightning and Ice

More and More

It’s been a while. Here is the newest Pop! collection update…



Collection update time! Let’s greet the new arrivals…

First is Harley Quinn in her New 52 style. I love this comic and it introduced me to the work of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. 

My wife wanted a princess for our collection and she certainly picked a good one with Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog 

James Whale returned to the director’s chair and gave us one of the earliest examples of a sequel that can be considered equal or better than the original. The Bride of Frankenstein. Cue that iconic scream. 

“To the Batcave Robin!” I couldn’t have my collection exist without 1960s Batman. This series and film’s cheesiness is infectious. 


*Updated* Forgot one! Can’t forget the ultimate anarchist The Dark Knight’s Joker 


Superhero Snapshots

These are just some pictures I shot of the Justice League while practicing with my new Canon DSLR. Some are solo, some are with the animated movies released about them. Enjoy!



Picked up a few of the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusive Pops for the collection.
First up is the newest MCU star. Scott Lang, Ant-Man here in his black suit. 

 We add another guardian to the squad with Rocket and Potted Groot.

 Here we have a Target exclusive, Daredevil in his yellow suit from his early days   
He’s back! The warlord Frieza is back in golden form for the newest Dragonball Z movie, Resurrection F 

New on the Scene Part 3

We come to the finale of my massive Funko Pop! Update       


New on the Scene Part 2

Part 2 of the recent Funk Pop Collection kicks off with The Director and The Cavalry. SHIELD agents Phil Coulson and Melinda May from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD are here to save the day. 


Joining us from the Land of Oo are Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time. Come on grab your friends. 


Next we have a man out of time, from The Flash TV series is Eobard Thawne, The Reverse-Flash 


To wrap up part 2 is Dick Grayson, the first Robin now known as Nightwing the protector of the city of Blüdhaven. 


The end of the trilogy coming soon with Part 3!

New on the Scene Part 1

It’s been a while since I made a post. So to get back in the flow of this is the newest collection update. My Funko Pop collection grows more and more with these newest additions.

First we have new additions the American Horror Story collection. From season 3’s Coven we have Misty Day, the biggest Stevie Nicks fan ever. 


And here to put on a show from season 4’s Freak Show is Elsa Mars and Ma Petite 


Joining the Den from Pandora is Handsome Jack and Claptrap of Borderlands fame.  

And here is that “Legendary Outlaw” Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 


This is big update so stay tuned for Part 2! 

The Bolt, The Bow (The other one, not the DC Bow), The Beast and The Witches

Time for the regular update to the Funko Pop! collection…

Clint Barton. Aka Hawkeye of The Avengers

He’s always angry. Dr. Bruce Banner or The Incredible Hulk


From the 3rd season of American Horror Story, Coven. Cordelia Foxx and Myrtle Snow

From CW’s The Flash, Barry Allen, The Fastest Man Alive.