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  • Superman: Year One – DeaconsDen Review

    Superman: Year One – DeaconsDen Review

    SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE, is another entry into DC’s Black Label imprint. It’s written by industry veteran Frank Miller and illustrated by fellow veteran John Romita Jr. This reunites the two who previously worked on the miniseries, DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR. Miller had already presented readers with the first-year experiences of Batman in 1987’s YEAR […]

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  • Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    I’ve read a great deal of comics in my life. And with the many I have read, I’ve come across many iconic stories for some of my favorite characters. For Batman there’s classics like The Long Halloween, Year One, The Killing Joke. Superman you have Birthright, Kingdom Come and The Death of Superman. Yet for […]

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  • Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Batman: Damned is the first original release from DC Black Label, an imprint of DC Comics. The purpose of this imprint is to showcase stories that are not part of main continuity and are more flexible in matters of content. This line is meant to have mature stories and subject matter. The line will consist […]

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  • Wonder Woman – DeaconsDen Review

    Wonder Woman – DeaconsDen Review

    After 75 years of history which includes comics, television (both live-action and animated) and even an animated film, Diana of Themyscira finally has her first theatrical film. Wonder Woman is the fourth installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Patty Jenkins directs Gal Gadot, resuming the role of Diana from 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn […]

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  • Rebirth Recaps – Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham (Spoilers Discussed)

    Rebirth Recaps – Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham (Spoilers Discussed)

    After a missile is shot at a plane over Gotham City, Batman comes face to face with two new superpowered heroes in Gotham and Gotham Girl. Can these two be trusted? What’s the mystery of the Monster Men that appear to be coming to the city? These questions arise in Volume One of Batman titled […]

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  • Rebirth Recaps – Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Spoilers Discussed)

    The superhero genre began with him, the DC Universe began with him as well. Therefore it’s only proper that the first Rebirth collection recapped be Superman. Son of Superman collects the Superman: Rebirth one-shot and Superman #1-6. Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason share the writing credit, along with art by Gleason, Doug Mahnke, Jorge […]

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  • Rebirth Recaps- DC Universe Rebirth: The Deluxe Edition (Spoilers Discussed)

    Rebirth Recaps- DC Universe Rebirth: The Deluxe Edition (Spoilers Discussed)

    This is the first of my new set of reviews that I call “Rebirth Recaps.” I plan to use these to read and review the books of DC Comics as they go through their current Rebirth initiative. This is my first time diving back into DC on the comics side since the early days of […]

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  • Film Review: Suicide Squad

    Film Review: Suicide Squad

    The Squad has arrived.  This is the 3rd film in the still developing DC Extended Universe. Written and directed by David Ayer (Training Day, Sabotage, Fury), Suicide Squad follows the exploits of a team of criminals as they are used by the government to carry out dangerous missions in exchange for lower sentences. The Squad […]

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  • Supergirl: Season One Recap

    Supergirl: Season One Recap

    Well that was much better than I expected. Upon hearing that there was going to be a show based on DC Comics Supergirl, I didn’t really have a reaction one way or the other. I wasn’t opposed to the idea nor was I excited about it either. I did decide that I would watch the […]

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  • Film Review – Batman: The Killing Joke

    Film Review – Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke is the 26th film in DC Universe Original Animated Movies line. It is an adaptation of the 1988 graphic novel of the same name written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland. The Killing Joke is a one-shot Batman story that has his archenemy The Joker, shooting Barbara Gordon and […]

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