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DeaconsDen Reaction – Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods will certainly be considered as a timely release, however there’s always a time for this type of story to be told. While there are films on the Vietnam war, very few speak on the black perspective. Spike Lee has crafted a compelling human drama and mixing it with a second half that really invokes the vibe of a film like The Wild Bunch.

Four black Vietnam vets reunite to bring home the remains of their fallen comrade and squad leader. The plot is set into motion early, however the journey is one of brotherhood, trauma and heartbreak. Often we talk about how blacks in the military diligently fought for the United States and in Da 5 Bloods we see the aftermath of all these events and how they shape these men going forward. The character we are most attached to for this story is Paul who is played by Delroy Lindo. Lindo gives an amazing performance that deserves every bit of recognition. Paul is the character who is most damaged by these events. The end result you’ll see is the relationship with his son. As the film goes on you’ll see how this trauma can make its down through generations and it be of no fault of anyone but the powers that be. Spike Lee, as always does not hesitate to point out the hypocrisy of America being the land of opportunity, but these soldiers who already fought for an unpopular cause, return to be mistreated even more.

My favorite Spike Lee Joint is Malcolm X and it still is, but Da 5 Bloods off one viewing makes its way into my favorites of his films. It’s 2.5 hour runtime coasts along as it continually peels back layer after layer and reminds us of another element of the black experience in America.

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