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DeaconsDen Reaction – Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

I did not expect the shared universe of DC Animated films to come to a conclusion this year. I spent some time revisiting every film in this continuity. Now we’ve reached the end.

Apokolips War follows the surviving superheroes in the wake of a failed assault led by on the tyrant Darksied. We get the heroes charging into battle and then we jump to a desolate planet Earth two years later. There Raven and Superman (now with a kryptonite tattoo of his symbol on his chest) seek out John Constantine and Damian Wayne to help set things right again.

I think what I liked most about Apokolips War was how it brought together all the elements of this universe and moved them to a conclusion. We get a final resolution on the relationship of Bruce and Damian, closure for Raven’s story from the Teen Titans films, we have moments for Constantine from Justice League Dark and even bringing in the Suicide Squad from Hell to Pay. At 90 minutes, it’s longer than most of the films in the franchise, but there is always something interesting.

It is bloody though. Maybe not as bloody as WB Animation’s recent Mortal Kombat film, but it does utilize that R rating. I actually feel it uses this R rating better than it does the usual PG-13 that the films get.

Although this is the end of this particular universe of DC heroes, the film ends in a way that begs the question of what happens next? I’ve enjoyed this journey of animated films and with Apokolips War, it really helps solidify my personal opinion that superhero media works much better animated. Sure this isn’t Into The Spider-Verse, but I always felt the comic medium was best adapted animated. I always pick up these DC animations and I look forward to the future. 

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