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DeaconsDen Classic Reaction – Dishonored

Dishonored is another home run starring Marlene Dietrich and directed by Josef von Sternberg. For their second American collaboration, Dishonored sees Dietrich in the role of a prostitute who’s recruited to into spy work for Austria to seduce her targets and gather information. Frau (Marie) Kolverer, later known by her code name of X-27, easily accepts and takes to the profession with ease. Her words at the beginning of the film “I am not afraid of life, although I am not afraid of death, either” give tremendous insight to the character and her ideals. That’s what makes Dishonored a great watch, Dietrich plays a marginalized character who is 100% content with her place and who and what she is. She shows confidence and then even more confidence. Once we get to the final scene, you’ll see how X-27 can be considered one of Dietrich’s best role. Everything she does, even when under orders is on her terms and only her terms. While the spy plot isn’t very strong, Dietrich’s performance and von Sternberg’s direction lift it up. I really think that von Sternberg took issue with the rigidity of the military and wanted to contrast that with Dietrich playing another fluid heroine. Dishonored lends credence to the idea of getting what you paid for.

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