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Month: June 2019

  • Superman: Year One – DeaconsDen Review

    Superman: Year One – DeaconsDen Review

    SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE, is another entry into DC’s Black Label imprint. It’s written by industry veteran Frank Miller and illustrated by fellow veteran John Romita Jr. This reunites the two who previously worked on the miniseries, DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR. Miller had already presented readers with the first-year experiences of Batman in 1987’s YEAR […]

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  • Checking In

    Hello Everyone! I’m back! I did not quit writing my thoughts on entertainment. I’ve been working towards my Masters of Business Administration and all I do is write for that class. I have actually seen a few of the big movies of the year, I just haven’t had the time to write about them. I’m […]

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