Revealing The Inaugural Deacon Awards – Nominations

I was planning to write a top 10 movies of 2018 post. I felt very comfortable in my choices of my favorites of the films released this year. Then I thought, “try something different.” So I decided to create the Deacon Awards which will cover my whole year cinematically. This isn’t an original idea by any stretch, I follow many other writers who are much better at this thing than me who have done this. So this is a project purely inspired by others.

Considering that we are now full into awards season, it’s time to get my own show started

According to my Letterboxd profile, I’ve watched over 200 films this year and only about 30 of them were released in 2018. With the Deacon Awards, I get to have some fun and hopefully you all will too. Just like real awards, some movies will have multiple nominations. There will be 8 categories and they are:

  1. Favorite Current Picture
  2. Favorite Older Picture
  3. Favorite Director
  4. Favorite Acting Performance
  5. Favorite First Time Watch
  6. Favorite Rewatch
  7. Favorite Movie I had no Idea about how to React
  8. Favorite Music in Movies
  9. Favorite Movie I Feel Made Me Smarter
  10. Favorite Movie I Gave More Credit Than I probably should but I’m gonna give it anyway.

Let’s reveal our nominees!

Favorite Current Picture (2018 Releases)

A Simple Favor

Mission: Impossible Fallout

Tomb Raider

Teen Titans Go to the Movies

Black Panther

Favorite Older Picture


The Third Man

His Girl Friday

The Hidden Fortress

Favorite Director

Christopher McQuarrie (M:I Fallout and Jack Reacher)

Howard Hawks (His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby)

Andy Sidaris (Malibu Express, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Savage Beach, Picasso Trigger)

Favorite Acting Performance

Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick (A Simple Favor)

Rosalind Russell (His Girl Friday)

Katherine Hepburn (Bringing Up Baby)

Cary Grant (My Favorite Wife & Bringing Up Baby)

Greta Garbo (Ninotchka)

Favorite First Time Watch

His Girl Friday

Jack Reacher

Hard Ticket To Hawaii

The Evil Dead


Favorite Rewatch


The Man from UNCLE

Minority Report

The Dark Knight Rises

Favorite Movie I Had No Idea About How to React

I really have no idea how to think about these which is why I have nothing on them at the moment.

…And God Created Woman

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song

Favorite Movie Music

Black Panther- Score by Ludwig Goransson

Bohemian Rhapsody- Songs by Queen

Aquaman – Score by Rupert Gregson-Williams

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Score by John Powell

These next two category are akin to Lifetime Achievement Awards so there’s just 1 winner so they will be announced right now before revealing the rest of the winners later on.

Favorite Movie So Dumb I Felt It Made Me Smarter

Twister (1989)Not the tornado. It’s amazing what the power of the live tweet can do. You will expend brain power watching this thing. It makes no sense. It’s a movie version of Shameless, and you don’t know why anyone does anything. It has Harry Dean Stanton playing a patriarch who wonders where did he go wrong. It has music by Has Zimmer so there’s a point. How am I smarter? I can comment on this film now, which I couldn’t say before.

Favorite Movie I’m Gonna Die on the Hill Defending

Jurassic Park III – Sorry, but 2 Jurassic World films later and you’ll never convince me that either Jurassic World or Fallen Kingdom do anything better or are no less silly that this entry. Everything else chases Spielberg’s ghost. Joe Johnston made a B-movie monster flick that knows it’s place.