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Month: September 2018

  • Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    Comic Analysis – Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka

    I’ve read a great deal of comics in my life. And with the many I have read, I’ve come across many iconic stories for some of my favorite characters. For Batman there’s classics like The Long Halloween, Year One, The Killing Joke. Superman you have Birthright, Kingdom Come and The Death of Superman. Yet for […]

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  • The Predator- DeaconsDen Reaction

    The Predator- DeaconsDen Reaction

    The Predator is the fourth entry in the sci-fi/action series. This installment is directed and co-written by Shane Black who returns to the franchise after a having a supporting role as Hawkins in the 1987 original. How did I feel about it? I was hopeful that with Black at the helm, there would some bit […]

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  • Gaming Gallery 7 – Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Gaming Gallery 7 – Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Spider-Man is an action/adventure game from Insomniac Games for the PlayStation 4. You are placed in the shoes of Peter Parker as he does whatever a spider can around New York City. Like most games of this generation, there is a photo mode and it just may be my favorite one yet. Here are some […]

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  • A Simple Favor – DeaconsDen Reaction

    A Simple Favor – DeaconsDen Reaction

    This one, took me by surprise. I expected to enjoy A Simple Favor because it seemed like the type of mystery-thriller I’m accustomed to enjoying, but I legitimately loved this and it is the second time a film with Blake Lively has become one of my favorites of the year (the first being The Shallows). […]

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  • Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Comic Review – Batman: Damned #1

    Batman: Damned is the first original release from DC Black Label, an imprint of DC Comics. The purpose of this imprint is to showcase stories that are not part of main continuity and are more flexible in matters of content. This line is meant to have mature stories and subject matter. The line will consist […]

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