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The First Purge – DeaconsDen Reaction

Upon first glance at the first image I saw for The First Purge, it was pretty clear where the franchise created by James DeMonaco was heading. The image of a red baseball cap with the words The First Purge makes it known that the horror series will certainly show the influences of a world that now has Donald Trump as President of the United States. The First Purge is a prequel to the series that shows the origins of the yearly event where for 12 consecutive hours any an all crime including murder is allowed. Now I personally have enjoyed all of the films in the series, including the first entry which is rated the lowest by most people. I was always sold on the initial concept of The Purge and its societal commentary. The second and third films, Anarchy and Election Year expand on the concept much more than the original and The First Purge continues by going back to the beginning. As far as a review goes, if you are familiar and like these films then you will get not much new in terms of narrative. However this particular installment really stuck with me because of what it showed us this time, while also giving some new textures to the original film in the process.The film covers the initial Purge, presented as sociological experiment on Staten Island in New York. The main area of focus is a predominantly black neighborhood. Our two main characters are black. One a black woman who is an activist and the other a black man who is a drug kingpin. Is it a daring decision? Probably not, but combining this with the fact that most of the cast are not household names adds to the feeling of caring about these people for me. That is the biggest thing The First Purge does for me, I actually want to see these characters in another Purge film fighting the power that seeks to destroy them. As a black man, I know these communities and I know these people so it hit close to home to see the Purge from their perspectives.The First Purge won’t reinvent this genre or even this series, I just wanted to give my reactions as to why this just became my favorite in the series.

2 responses to “The First Purge – DeaconsDen Reaction”

  1. I’m seeing this Thursday. These have been a guilty pleasure of mine but I have found myself slowly losing interest. It’s not that they have a social/political message. They’ve just become so heavy-handed IMO. Still want to give this one a shot though especially after reading your take on it.

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