The First Man. Another Cinema Shame Down!

It’s been a while since I’ve written for CinemaShame. Believe me I’m constantly watching flicks I’ve sadly missed out on for years. I just haven’t written about them. This time however, I am doing both! The prompt for the month of May was to pick a movie that you haven’t seen that someone else loves and they pick one they haven’t seen that you love. A Cinema Swap so to speak. I had the pleasure of working with Holly at where she picked one of my favorite films, The Most Dangerous Game. I, in turn selected a shame of mine that is one of her favorites and that is Carol Reed’s The Third Man from 1949.

My only other exposure to Reed’s work was 1940’s Night Train to Munich. I found it a little bland and I felt I needed to revisit. Did I think the same of The Third Man?

I have to revisit it for sure, but it is certainly not bland!

I enjoy noir films, but this was a different beast. It’s so surreal. The application of German expressionism combined with the music gives you a real odd feeling, but one that vibes with a film that is taking place at the start of the Cold War.

I loved the filmmaking, I need to watch again to better understand the story because while it follows familiar noir structures, the atmosphere is so prominent that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The Third Man is an important film that needs to be seen and I am glad that had finally address this shame.