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Month: August 2017

  • Gaming Gallery: Horizon Zero Dawn

    Photo Modes have become almost a standard feature in this current generation of video games. As graphical enhancements stand out more and more, the developers have given players the opportunity to become photographers within the game. Photo modes aren’t just screenshots, you are able to set the camera, fiddle with brightness and exposure, adjust the […]

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  • Atomic Blonde – DeaconsDen Review

    Atomic Blonde – DeaconsDen Review

    Charlize Theron stars as Lorraine, an MI6 agent who is assigned to recover a list with the names of other operatives in Cold War Berlin. Theron is proving to become one of Hollywood's biggest action stars, especially after her critically acclaimed performance in 2016's Mad Max Fury Road. How does Atomic Blonde rate as establishing […]

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  • Dunkirk – DeaconsDen Review

    Dunkirk – DeaconsDen Review

    “Dunkirk” is the newest film from Christopher Nolan. After taking a foray into science fiction with 2014’s “Interstellar,” Nolan decides to tackle the war film genre with this dramatization of the Dunkirk evacuation of World War II. In that event, Allied soldiers were stranded on the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk in the north of […]

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  • A Second Chance: Alfred Hitchcock’s TORN CURTAIN

    A Second Chance: Alfred Hitchcock’s TORN CURTAIN

    It's been a while since I have given a film a second chance. I've been in a mood for Alfred Hitchcock's work since I signed up for an online class celebrating 50 years of his work. Hitchcock had a very prolific career and sometimes you can overlook a film or overreact to a film that […]

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