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Five Favorite Film Music Moments

A while back I made a post about my five favorite film scores. I decided to expand on that and give you all my favorite film music moments. So the way this works is I’m going to name some of my favorite movie moments and touch on why the music means so much to the scene.

Let’s begin!

5. Dawn Raid on Fort Knox (from Goldfinger) 1964, music by John Barry

The climax of the 3rd Bond film opens during the early morning as Goldfinger puts his plan into action. The Flying Circus of Pussy Galore soars across the skies as this musical piece plays. The track has high aspirations that match Goldfinger’s motivations. Even though Goldfinger is not one of my ten favorite Bond films, I find it a movie of moments and this certainly is one of them.

4. “I never said thank you…” (From Batman Begins) 2005, music by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

The ending to Christopher Nolan’s first installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy has Batman meeting with his now ally James Gordon. There they discuss the aftermath of the events that occurred in the 3rd act when Gordon presents him with a joker playing card. As Batman turns to jump off the building, Gordon says, “I never said thank you.” Batman’s response, “And you’ll never have to.” The music underscored this new relationship perfectly before transitioning to the credits. If there was no other film after this one, it would be a perfect ending since everything is wrapped up and we have the story of Batman Begins.

3. African Rundown (From Casino Royale) 2005, music by David Arnold

Back to Bond for this entry. Here we have a fantastic chase through Madagascar where Daniel Craig’s 007 runs down a bomb maker in a chase that culminates at an embassy. It’s a great scene made amazing because of the frantic score from Arnold. We recieved a new Bond and this scene and score told us he was a freight train that wouldn’t ever stop.

2. The Battle of Yavin (From Star Wars, 1977) music by John Williams

My favorite moment of my favorite film. The Battle of Yavin encapsulates all that make Star Wars my favorite film ever. The adventure, the thrills, the excitement. This piece of music IS Star Wars. Everything that it is, was and will be. Williams does it all. This is my favorite film score ever and this track is what makes it so.

1. Flight (From Man of Steel, 2013) Music by Hans Zimmer

The more I watch Man of Steel, the more it becomes one of my favorite superhero films. One of those reasons is the moment where Kal-El steps out into the world for the first time wearing the Superman attire. He is out in the Arctic thinking of the words his father Jor-El has told him and attempts to leap into the air. At first he struggles, but he clears his head, kneels and lifts off. Zimmer’s score for this scene is perfect. That is a Superman moment for me. I know this film is split amongst audiences, but this is a top moment in movies where the music and the image are in perfect sync.

There you have it! Five of my favorite film/music moments. Even in writing this post, I’ve thought of some more, so they may come at a later time. Let me know some of your favorite moments as well!

8 responses to “Five Favorite Film Music Moments”

  1. great post, Eric! all pretty damn good musical film moments. especially arnold’s CR and the battle of yavin. I dont recall flight as much in MoS, so I may have to check that out again and you know how much I love Goldfinger already, so that pick was epic. once again, awesome post!

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