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DeaconsDen 5 Favorite Episodes of Star Trek – The Original Series

So after having fun curating my Twilight Zone list, and with the looming release of Star Trek Beyond, I’ve decided to make another list. This time I’m devoting it to Star Trek: The Original Series. So here is the Top 5 Favorite episodes of Star Trek presented by DeaconsDen

5) Where No Man Has Gone Before

The second pilot episode introduces us to Captain James Kirk. After the Enterprise passes through a sort of electrical storm, crew member Gary Mitchell (Played by 2001’s Gary Lockwood) becomes a powerful adversary with telekinetic powers that threaten the entire crew. A great example of putting Kirk in the position where he can’t immediately help a member of his crew and is forced to make a tough decision regarding the safety of the ship.

4) The Changeling

The Enterprise picks up what appears to be a sentient probe called Nomad which mistakes Kirk as its creator. The probe has one mission and that is to sterilize all imperfections, including all biological beings it comes in contact with. Although it was never made official, one could connect the events of this episode with the story of the 1979 film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

3) The Doomsday Machine

Kirk and crew encounter an alien machine that destroys planets. They rescue Starfleet Commodore Decker whose ship was damaged and assumes command of the Enterprise from Kirk. He orders the Enterprise to go back and attack the planet eater in what is a clear suicide mission. A great episode where we get to see Kirk have to handle with maintaining command of his ship and crew when dealing with a superior officer who clearly doesn’t have the best interest of the crew at hand while also figuring out how to deal with the planet killing machine.

2) Balance of Terror

Inspired by the war film “The Enemy Below,” Kirk and crew cross paths with a Romulan ship who attack a Starfleet outpost. The episode is part submarine drama as Kirk and the Romulan commander (Mark Lenard in his first Trek appearance.) play a tense game of cat and mouse. It is also part social commentary as Kirk has to deal with a crewman who is distrustful of Spocl due to the physical similarities of Vulcans and Romulans. Some bonus trivia, Mark Lenard has played a Romulan, a Vulcan (Spock’s father Sarek), and a Klingon (in Star Trek: The Motion Picture). 

1) Space Seed

The ship Botany Bay holds a secret cargo from Earth’s past. Part of that cargo is a man who would become James Kirk’s nemesis. Ricardo Montalban stars as the charismatic and deadly superhuman Khan Noonien Singh. After he is revived, Kirk welcomes Khan aboard the Enterprise, but soon Khan is plotting his takeover to begin his new reign of the superhuman. The seed Kirk plants at the end of this episode will certainly have consequences in the future.

There you have it! The DeaconsDen five favorite Star Trek episodes. Do you have any? Feel free to comment with your favorites.

Also if you love the original series, here are some links to an episode of The Essentials, where Jake Almond of Waxing Cinematic and myself are going through the original Star Trek series and giving our thoughts on it.

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3 responses to “DeaconsDen 5 Favorite Episodes of Star Trek – The Original Series”

  1. Yes! Great Top 5 bro! Space Seed is my fave as well. Doomsday Machine and BoT are in my top 10 as is CotEoF. I loved the new digital FX in The Doomsday Machine. I feel they did a great job restoring the visuals on so many of these eps.

    • Thanks Vic! I really wanted to do a Top 10 but I had about 15 other episodes that I couldn’t decide between. Agree on the FX. Usually we find it charming to look at the older effects. But what they did with this really works. They’re obvious, but it still fits with the aesthetics and don’t overpower the shots. They’re on screen not too long nor too short.

      • yes, exactly! they are presented just long enough to be appreciated but never linger too long where it detracts from the originally shot material that follows or precedes it.

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