Severed is a first-person dungeon crawler with RPG elements developed by Drinkbox Studios for the PlayStation Vita system. In the game you play a young woman named Sasha. Sasha has awoken in a strange world with one of her arm’s missing and her family nowhere to be found. She must navigate this world in order to survive and find out what happened to her family. 

The main form of input for the game is touch based. You use the joystick to move around, but you are using the Vita’s touch screen for combat. You attack by swiping at the enemies. It’s not quite as simple as you think. The enemies do have patterns and as the game goes into its later stages they may have certain buffs that you will have to understand in order to manage a fight. There are skill trees and an upgrade system for you to manage as well as items you can search for to help out, especially at the final battle.The game has a nice aesthetic, similar to Guacamelee. I really enjoyed the music as an added effect to the eeriness the world presents. 

It’s also not very long. I imagine I put about 10 hours in, but don’t let that be an issue. The game is as long as it needs to be. If it was longer I don’t think I could handle it. If you are a trophy Hunter like me then you should have no trouble with any of them and achieving that platinum.

I enjoyed my time with Severed. It’s a game I didn’t think I would try and yet I did and ended up really having fun with. I know this may not scratch every gamer’s itch, but if you are willing to try something different, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Final Score (4/5)


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