Quick Film Review: Hush

Hush is my kind of thriller. 

A young author (Katie Seigal) who is both deaf and mute is stalked within her own home by a masked man. 

That’s it. That’s the premise. And it works. Hush is a thriller that is all lean and no fat. Very quickly are we introduced to our principals and the action gets going.

Hush has a lot of things going for it, but the most important thing is that it really doesn’t waste time. It’s under 90 minutes so it’s an easy watch. Even though the main character is deaf, I’m both surprised and relieved that there are no gimmicks with the sound design to imitate her deafness. It’s established early on so we don’t have to experience it in order to comprehend the dire situation she is in. Also I’m glad that the score never overtakes the action as it has been know to happen in a great deal of thriller films.

All in all I really enjoyed this film. It’s a well paced thriller who knows from minute one what it wants to do and does everything in its power to not waste your time. If you have Netflix, check this one out.

Final Rating (5/5) Some economic storytelling and filmmaking make for a really fun to watch thriller here.

Film Review – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

This will not be a very in depth review because there isn’t really too much to cover on this one.

Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey are back in the sequel to the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Produced again by Michael Bay and directed by Dave Green, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows brings outlet heroes back as they take on enemies both new and old while dealing with the possibility of stepping out and introducing themselves to the world.

There isn’t too much of plot in this film. It mostly deals with the brothers trying to stop an alien invasion by classic TMNT character Krang. The Shredder returns, we get Baxter Stockman plus Bebop, Rocksteady and Casey Jones. So we have more elements of the TMNT canon falling into place despite the lack of plot. More than anything this is an episode of the original animated series from the 1980s that boosted the popularity of the Turtles into the stratosphere.

 Even with all the silliness that is abound in this film, there are a few moments that highlight the differences in the brothers. It’s moments like this that remind me why I’ve loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through the the years. There weren’t many moments like that in the previous film so it was a nice welcome.

All in all, this second film in the rebooted series is more of the same as its predecessor. If you are looking for story and character you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want some Saturday afternoon fare with bright colors and effects and want to disengage for a couple of hours then you’ll certainly get that.

Final Rating (3/5)