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My Five Favorite Albums

Taking a movie break and giving you a music post. I don’t just love movie music, but I love music in general. My main love is rap/hip-hop and R&B. Different albums and artists can invoke different feelings and I can pretty much recall what I was going through when I listened to these albums. These are albums that if I was stranded on an island these would be what I need to get through it. So here they are!

Nas – Illmatic (1994) 

I love Illmatic. It’s not the first hip-hop but I love to listen to it as an overture of sorts in regard to the genre. 10 tracks. Not a word wasted. Great beats and Nas’ lyrics make this a classic of urban life. 

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall (1979) 


10 years ago if you asked me what the best Michael Jackson album was I would have told you Thriller. Then I was on a bus trip listening to Off the Wall on my iPod. And it clicked. This is basically a perfect album. I can listen from start to finish and no matter where you are, you can put this on and everyone will instantly have a great time.

TLC – CrazySexyCool (1994) 


An R&B album that blends so many styles yet feels totally cohesive. TLC’s second album is their best. There are so many hits and not one feels hollow. It shining example of 90s R&B but really comes across as timeless over 20 years later.

The Notorious BIG – Ready to Die (1994) 

The best songs tell a story. And Biggie is one of the best storytellers ever in hip-hop. You can’t help but to sit back and imagine what is actually going on in each track off his debut album and play them in your head almost cinematically.

Jay-Z – The Blueprint (2001) 


The album that got me through high school. A near perfect blend of old school soul and new school mentality. Classics have to be timeless and this certainly is one. Perfect for any listening scenario.

So there you have it my five favorite albums! Now to think about what the next five would be in order to make a top 10.

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