Another day, another DC Universe film to review. Honestly these are some of my favorite things to review. I always love when these movies come out because they tend to cover storylines in the DC world that most likely won’t make it to the big screen, yet they work so well on the small screen. Today I’m covering the 25th installment, Justice Leage vs Teen Titans.

Before I begin, I need to clarify that this is not an extension or continuation of either the Justice League animated series or the original Teen Titans series. This continues the New 52 film universe that began with Justice League: War. So even though these are characters you are familiar with by name, these are different versions of them. 

 The story begins when Robin (Bruce Wayne’s son Damian) disobeys an order from Batman when the Justice League is fighting the Legion of Doom. Batman decides his son needs to learn what it is like working in a team and sends him to join the Teen Titans, a group of young superheroes consisting of Raven, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy and led by Starfire.  

 The bulk of the story focuses on Raven and her struggle to keep her father Trigon from freeing himself and wreaking havoc on the world. This conflict is used to highlight why Raven acts as she does and also to bring some development to Damian as he focuses on someone other than himself. It may not look like it but he has come a long way from his first appearance in Son of Batman. 


Since the story belongs to Raven and Robin, there isn’t much you get from the other Titans. Beast Boy and Blue Beetle don’t provide much. You can see that the film looks like it wants to do a bit more with Starfire and highlight her leadership capabilities, but the film is only 76 minutes so that sort of development would have to come in a later adventure.

The character animation feels smooth and is good looking in HD. The action is well drawn as well. The voice acting is fine. Nothing spectacular about it. I know I’m used to the voice from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go, but that’s on me and my expectations not the fault of the film. It’s actually good they didn’t use those voices. It wouldn’t make this film any difference. 

 My only negative is that the film reaches its climax pretty quickly and as a result it hangs around it a little too long for my liking. I had to check the timer on my player to see how much time was left and there was still about 10 minutes left. Another thing I wished is that DC maybe take a break from these New 52 films and retool and give a little variation like the way these films used to. There also is a post credit scene that indicates that may not be the case, but I hope that if they are gonna make another film with the Titans, just give them the whole film. No Justice League. Just Teen Titans. 

This was an another enjoyably entry in the DC animated canon. A good story and some decent character focuses that move the story forward. If you like this film and are not familiar with the Teen Titans animated series, I highly recommend it. Particularly the 4th season which focuses on Raven and events similar to this film, but the whole series is great fun.

Final Rating (4/5) Good animation and story, but bogged down by a slightly dragging 3rd act. 


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3 thoughts on “Review: Justice League vs Teen Titans

  1. variation! yes, I would like that, for sure! great point. I didn’t highly recommend it like you did, but for it’s short running time it’s a no brainer for fans. good write up, Eric!

    • Thanks Vic! Yep it’s time for a brief respite. Since Teen Titans is in the title I imagine this one will have some better sales. Yet they should use this to take a moment and tell a Titans story. That’s what I loved most about the earlier films was that they adapted stories and wasn’t focused on universe building. Since Damian is different by the end of this they can certainly step away for a bit. I know The Killing Joke is next. Hopefully it stands on its own and not try to put it into the continuity.

      • Oh man, I truly hope TKJ is it’s own entity and not part of this continuity. We could use some more stand alone DC flicks, maybe even something not based on any of the books and written originally for the screen. That would be epic, if given to the right writer / director team.

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