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Month: February 2016

  • A Strange Trip through Life is Strange

    A Strange Trip through Life is Strange

     I didn’t really play the point & click/graphic adventure game when I was younger. Since games like that are more focused toward stories and characters and themes as opposed to gameplay and action I didn’t pay attention to them. As I’ve gotten older my mind has opened up to more than the basic game experience. […]

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  • DeaconsDen 5 Favorite Film Scores

    DeaconsDen 5 Favorite Film Scores

    Music is an essential part of the movie watching experience. For me it requires using your brain in a different way. You listen to music. Yet when music and cinema come together in a perfect blend you are seeing the music. It gives you chills, it widens your eyes, it transports you, it takes you […]

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  • Film Review – Deadpool

    Film Review – Deadpool

    They finally really did it. The Merc with a Mouth has made his cinematic debut. We won’t speak of things in the past (A certain movie in a certain series that we just won’t mention). Honestly Deadpool is a character I never would have thought would make it to the screen. I never really knew […]

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  • A Meeting of the Minds: Marvel Comics Hip-Hop Variants

    A Meeting of the Minds: Marvel Comics Hip-Hop Variants

    I love comics. I love Marvel Comics. I love music. I love Hip-Hop. Well Marvel has taken these things I love and mashed them together for a special blend of superheroes and music. For each of their new #1 issues following the Secret Wars Event, Marvel has released a variant cover based on a hip-hop […]

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  • Review – Batman: Bad Blood

    Review – Batman: Bad Blood

    The first DC Universe Animated Original movie of 2016 has arrived. I always enjoy picking these films up and reviewing them when they come out. Mainly it’s because it’s the one area of DC that is above Marvel. DC knows how to do animation. It doesn’t matter if it’s TV or film, they bring a […]

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