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Reactions – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Motion Picture Soundtrack


It wouldn’t be Star Wars without its iconic music. That music wouldn’t be iconic if not for the touch of John Williams who has graced the series for all seven of its installments. How does the score for The Force Awakens stand for me in regards to the other films. Here are a few initial reactions.

  1. The score is much more subtle than any score in the series. Episodes 1-6 all have bombastic moments from start to finish which is fine. I’m not addressing those as an issue, but this one probably wouldn’t be as immediately recognizable. 
  2. There’s no “one track.” No Duel of the Fates, Across the Stars or Battle of the Heroes. This score itself is in a way one track as it blends well with the whole film.
  3. Rey’s Theme is fantastic! I look forward to hearing it evolve over the next few films.
  4. No London Symphony Orchestra this time around.

If I ranked this score I would wager it falls in the middle for me. However it’s still a great piece of Star Wars music and it handles itself a little more discreetly than the scores of the previous films. Time will tell with its overall place in history for me with subsequent viewings of The Force Awakens.


2 responses to “Reactions – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Motion Picture Soundtrack”

  1. just added the score to my iPod touch. havent heard it yet. didnt know that the LSO was absent this go round. interesting. will let you know my thoughts soon!

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