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Comics Review: Harley’s Little Black Book #1


Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti have their hands full with this woman don’t they? With the main Harley Quinn series going strong and the miniseries with Power Girl wrapping up, they embark on a third book with Dr. Quinzel where in each issue she teams up with a different character of the DC Universe. For issue 1 she teams up with Wonder Woman. How well can this go? 

 The book starts with one of Harley’s crazy schemes to meet Wonder Woman of who she was a fan of as a child. About a third of the book is the set up for the plan which I found boring. It just seemed so extraneous because I wanted the team-up to take place. I also didn’t really care about the antagonists for the story nor the London Legion of Superheroes and the part they played. There is a nice section with young Harley being teased and bullied at school and in her confidence to fight back using Wonder Woman as an example, it also reveals part of her sadistic side as well. It’s cool to see readers get a part of Harley’s history outside the main series. Once we get passed the opening however it’s madness as expected and it’s great fun. Working with superpowered women is nothing new to Harley and it still feels new when I read it. 

 The artwork here is fantastic but I’m quite biased because I am a fan of anything Amanda Conner. John Timms and Hi-Fi are along for the ride as well and give a bright and vibrant visual to enjoy. One day I wish this version of Harley could get her own DC Animated movie for her antics. There aren’t really any negatives I can say about the art as it is pleasing to the eye. 

 This new series does have promise. I’m always down for more Harley antics and lunacy. Hopefully when the next issue comes out perhaps a little fat can be trimmed.

Final Rating (3.5/5) Artwork is on point, but felt like a slog to get through the first third of the book. Points for the young Harley flashback too.

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