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Comic Review: James Bond 007 Vargr – Issue 2


-Spoilers- Brief Plot Synopsis

Issue 2 of Vargr picks up with Bond arriving in Berlin and meeting up with Dharma Reach. Bond moments ensue with Reach attacking 007 and crashing the car. Bond meets up with his station contact who leads him to meet Mr. Slaven Kurjak. The amount of time with get with Kurjak makes me curious as to if he is being set up as our antagonist. In the meantime Reach reappears as well.

2 issues in and Vargr is doing really well at keeping the flow going. The story picks up immediately and moves at a great pace. This really has been a cool blending of Bond novels and Bond films. Ellis’ dialogue is still engaging and not too wordy. On of my favorite lines this issue is a comment by Bond on why the British are good spies. While Masters art has a fluid motion to certain scenes, in particular the car crash. I’m really intrigued with this plot because it’s not too often we see Bond dabble in the narcotics world.

Final Rating (5/5) Totally engaging 2nd issue that keeps the plot moving and no filler to speak of.



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