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Comics Review James Bond 007: Vargr

This is the first issue of a new miniseries from writer Warren Ellis based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007.  


This issue opens with Bond on a revenge mission to find the man who killed 008. This is basically our Pre-Title sequence. It’s straightforward action and pretty visually visceral. Sort of reminiscent of a Craig era Bond film. I know I’m dropping references to the film series, but this book I feel successfully straddles the line between Fleming’s novels and the film series. The events themselves are pretty less exciting after the opening. However I still was engaged because it’s still very Bond in nature. We get his interaction with Moneypenny, his briefing on his assignment from M and a visit to the Quartermaster. I imagine now that these events are done, subsequent issues will move the narrative along. I’m curious as to where this plot will go. Bond is sent on assignment to hunt down a new drug on the streets. We also get a glimpse at a new nemesis as well.

Warren Ellis really pulls of the Bond style of dialogue and Jason Masters artery really captures movement well. This book does appear to know that it can’t emulate either the novels or the films so it finds a way to satisfy both. I expect big things from this miniseries as I’m sure the action will ramp up.    

 Final Score: 4/5 Not much action after the initial sequence, but it is still very much “Bond.” 

Side Note: There are quite a few different covers for this issue. Here are a few of them.


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