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Month: November 2015

  • Film Review: Spectre

    Film Review: Spectre

       The twenty-fourth Bond film is at long last here. Daniel Craig returns for his fourth adventure as 007. Spectre has come in with a fair amount of expectation considering the success of its predecessor Skyfall. Does Spectre measure up as one of the top tier Bond films? Or is it among the ranks of […]

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  • Comics Review James Bond 007: Vargr

    Comics Review James Bond 007: Vargr

    This is the first issue of a new miniseries from writer Warren Ellis based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007.     This issue opens with Bond on a revenge mission to find the man who killed 008. This is basically our Pre-Title sequence. It’s straightforward action and pretty visually visceral. Sort of reminiscent of […]

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