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The Bond Thing Days 11-15

Continuing my catch up, I present today my 5 Favorite Bond Theme Songs:

5) The World is Not Enough – Performed by Garbage (1999)  

An oily backdrop sets the tone for this title track that I never paid much attention to in the past, but this song really is one the highlights of the film. A key lyric sticks in my mind because it also was a line in the film. “There’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive.” Really poignant. It really shows how this could have been an awesome film during the Brosnan era.

4) A View To A Kill – Performed by Duran Duran (1985)

This is clearly an 80s song and it reflects the time perfectly. Sad that the film itself is one of series low points. But it’s the Bond film released in the year of my birth so I give it a pass. Plus I rock out big time to this when I play my music.

3) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Performed by the John Barry Orchestra (1969) 

An instrumental theme opens the 6th film in ther series. A brisk jazzy tune that plays as we recount Bond’s cinematic moments until that point. The worst part? It’s too short! If only it could make the 3 minute mark. But Barry crafted this perfectly to fit the tone of the film.

2) Goldfinger – Performed by Shirley Bassey (1964) 

This is the one that started it all. And probably the most iconic song in the series. Shirley Bassey commands the track on the first of her 3 Bond songs. I love the big band sound and the unabashed 60s vibe we get. Bond made a big evolutionary step with this film and the song matches perfectly.

1) Skyfall – Performed by Adele (2012)


Skyfall comes in at number one for me because it is almost a modernization of the sound we first met in Goldfinger. We all know Adele’s talent and she handles it well. This song basically gives us the direction this film was going in, yet it took a second viewing to catch that. Skyfall was the movie that really made Bond at long last a box office superstar and this song is the icing on that cake.

The Bond Thing will return with my 5 favorite Bond Movie Moments.

4 responses to “The Bond Thing Days 11-15”

  1. Living Daylights, Live and Let Die and You Know My Name are Bond tunes that are up high on my list. Great post, Eric!

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