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The Bond Thing – Day 6-10

So this is one of those weeks where life has gotten in the way, therefore I hadn’t been able to bring you The Bond Thing over the last couple weeks. Well today we are playing catchup.

This list will consist of my top 5 Bond Girls. Like the previous list it may not be in line with public opinion, but just my 5 favorite in the series.

5) Camille – Quantum of Solace 

 Because Quantum of Solace is so polarizing people tend to forget about Camille. Played by Olga Kurylenko, she is similar to Melina Havelock of For Your Eyes Only in that revenge is her story. When we meet her in the film she has already put her plan into action by appearing to work with Dominic Greene. She meets Bond and it’s clear that the two of them are on similar paths. There is even a great scene in the climax where Bond is tutoring her on killing someone for the first time. Camille is one of my favorite highlights from a mid-tier Bond Film.

4) Solitaire – Live and Let Die 

I’ll be 100% honest. I don’t think there is much if any character to Solitaire. This is purely a superficial pick because I find Jane Seymour so damn sexy. She was sexy then and still is now. Now that I’ve gotten my immaturity portion out the way let’s move on!

3) Honey Rider – Dr. No 

The first major Bond Girl has a iconic appearance and outfit. Honey appears about halfway through Dr. No and another piece of the Bond Formula is in place. Ursula Andress really gives a good performance as an experienced young woman who really can handle herself.

2) Fiona Volpe – Thunderball


Even though Thunderball is not one of my favorite films in the series, there is no mistaking that it has hands down the best trio of women Bond interacts with. Fiona Volpe is one of those and my favorite of the three. Played with energy by Lucianna Paluzzi, Volpe is a SPECTRE agent tasked with killing Bond. She is quite lethal and is one of the first and few women that really is an equal to 007 in terms of personality.

1) Vesper Lynd – Casino Royale 


This was a tough one. I didn’t know whether to choose Vesper or Tracy, Bond’s late wife. I decided on Vesper because what Tracy did in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, I felt Vesper did much more. By that I mean revealing the actual humanity to the man that is James Bond. Eva Green gives a passionate performance. One of my favorite moments for her is when she and Bond meet on the train and they are profiling each other. Bond feels he has the upper hand but when she breaks him down even though he is smiling we clearly see she has gotten to him. Vesper brings dimension to 007 and that makes her my favorite Bond Girl.

The Bond Thing will return with my 5 favorite Bond Theme Songs.

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