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The Bond Thing – Day 5

Day 5 closes out this category with my favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-title sequence.

1) Casino Royale (2006)

My favorite sequence is the one that breaks with Bond convention by not only not having it to open the film, but have it built into the pre-title sequence.

It’s a really tense seen where a pre-Double O Bond corners a corrupt section chief and we get to see the 2 kills that are required to gain Double-O status. Shot totally in black and white we see how visceral Bond’s first kill is and how it is not an easy thing to do. Upon executing the section chief, we cut back to where his first target is not quite dead and Bond quickly turns and we get that iconic pose. In that moment Bond begins. 

So there is the first five days of The Bond Thing. The Bond Thing will return with the category of 5 favorite Bond Girls.

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