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The Bond Thing – Day 4

We’re coming to the home stretch for the Gun Barrel/Pre-title category. My 2nd favorite will certainly be a controversial selection for sure.

2) GoldenEye (1995)

So I’m gonna just put this out there. I don’t hate Eric Serra’s score for GoldenEye. I understand the hate everyone has for it. Yet for me. It fits. Bond had been gone for 6 years and as I said earlier, I love when we get the movie where Bobd is basically given back to us fans. It’s jarring no doubt to hear that rendition of the Bond theme, but combine that with the new and slick CGI gun barrel along with Pierce Brosnan’s confident walk and we have Bond for the 1990s. The pre-title sequence that teams up Bond and 006 gave us something that we hadn’t seen and that’s Bond working relationship with another MI6 agent. It all makes for kicking off a very good adventure.

The Bond Thing continues tomorrow with my favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence…

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