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The Bond Thing – Day 3

We continue The Bond Thing with my 3rd favorite Gun Barrel/Pre-Title sequence.

3) Goldfinger (1964)


The third Bond feature is the one most credited for giving the series its formula. The gadgets, the cars, and having the pre-title sequence not always being a part of the main narrative. Its impact alone makes it part of my top 5, but I have other reasons. The biggest is the orchestration of the Bond theme in the gun barrel. John Barry gives it a smoother feeling than From Russia With Love, but it feels meaner. It really feels like Bond has been perfected as a movie character and belongs among the cinema world now. This crosses over to the pre-title scene where Connery is not the agent in Dr. No or the spy in From Russia With Love, but a larger than life character. Plus it contains one of my favorite 007 lines. No not “shocking,” but rather “I have a slight inferiority complex.” 

The Bond Thing will return tomorrow with number 2 in the Gun Barrel/Pre-Title category….

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