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Review – Justice League: Gods and Monsters


The latest DC Universe animated movie takes us to an alternate universe. This actually isn’t new territory for these films, but usually it involves the alternative characters conflicting with the versions of the characters we are mostly familiar with. This time around we are solely in this universe, which is great.

Superman pretty much has the same origin except he is the son of Zod not Jor-El and instead of being found by the Kent family, he is raised by a Mexican family. His name is Hernan Guerra and although he grows up with the same hardworking ethic his Clark Kent counterpart, but he also deals with the troubles and discrimination that minorities deal with. This leaves him with a very short fuse in addition to his amazing powers.

Wonder Woman is Bekka. A New God who escape to Earth with a mother box after Highfather kills her husband and the Apokolips royal family. She has a very aggressive personality. Especially when working with Steve Trevor

Batman is Kirk Langstrom. A scientist who like his Man-Bat counterpart, transforms himself unintentionally into a human-vampire hybrid to combat his cancer. Yet his hunger begins to eat away at his humanity.

The trio works without accountability, so when 3 scientists, Victor Fries, Ray Palmer and Silas Stone are found dead, the team has a sensitive alliance with the government to clear their names.


What makes this alternate universe worth watching? It’s the fact that while these three may not initially reflect the versions we are familiar with, you can see these are good people. We see how people change despite the circumstances that surround them and this version of the DC Trinity is no different. By the film’s end they either can be what everyone thinks they are or be more.

This is certainly one of the better animations in this canon. The return of Bruce Timm’s iconic style and a character driven narrative make me eager for the follow up film and how they introduce other DC characters for this universe’s Justice League.

Final Rating (4.5/5)

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