I bought the first issue of this Deathstroke series when it was released. I liked it well enough, cool art work and everything, but there were so many other books that I loved reading that it didn’t bother me to not follow up on this series. So I only had #1. I recently bought issues 7-8 and the Annual because I was intrigued by the new story arc “Godkiller.” Especially seeing Slade take on Wonder Woman. So I decided to go back and grab the collected issues 1-6. 

 The first thing I will do is praise the art work. It’s pretty visceral especially in capturing the violence in Deathstroke’s world. Body parts fly and it’s really stylistically appealing. Similar in a way to Kill Bill. The action is well depicted and is the closest I feel to a Deathstroke big budget action film. The colors are bright yet grimy in a way that we know this is world that’s not a part of the world we all know. The story however is what is lacking for me. 

The story involves Deathstroke looking for his son Jericho who is also being sought by Odysseus, who is Slade’s father. Also popping up is Rose Wilson, Slade’s daughter who is protecting her brother. Jericho has a power that Odysseus is trying to harness.  

 There were a couple issues I had with the story. One is the lack of relationships between the fathers and sons. Slade mentions his lack of relationship with his father and Jericho the same with his father. There really is no explanation other than both fathers were never around for their sons. Therefore there really is no drama to it. I know this is a more action-oriented book, but since they threw that out there it would have been nice to be explored. The other issue is the story takes so long to get to the point. There is a lot of encounters with other characters including Batman and Harley Quinn. It felt like issue 1-2 set up the story, 3-5 got off track and 6 had to hurry and finish. It just meanders on for me. Hopefully this current storyline is a bit more cohesive and direct.

Final Rating (2.5/5) Great Artwork, meandering story



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