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First Reaction: Blunt Talk Episodes 1 & 2


I’ll keep this one short as there are only 2 episodes up right now and I want to give the entire season a fair shake.

I had a moment to watch the first 2 episodes of this new comedy series on Starz from Jonathan Ames (HBO’s Bored To Death). Blunt Talk stars Patrick Stewart as Walter Blunt, a television journalist who’s life is going off the rails. 

Having grew up with Stewart as Captain Picard, Professor X and later as Director Bullock on American Dad, it is a blast to see him just acting a fool. He really is as good a comedic actor as he is dramatic. These first 2 episodes were quite hilarious. Another good note is the supporting cast. Similar to HBO’s Veep, (another show I enjoy) the secondary players are just as important to the train wreck that is Walter Blunt.

I look forward to more of this humor  and based on these 2 episodes I will stick around for the rest of season.

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