Directed by: Josh Trank

The third time is certainly not the charm here.

The reviews were pretty unanimous that this film was terrible and worst than the last 2 Fantastic Four films from 2005 & 2007. And in a way they are. This film is technically a bit better those 2, but the biggest sin this movie commits is that it feels so incomplete especially since there was a hint of something good. It’s not even a case of wasted potential, but a total disregard for whatever was in place. After seeing it, there is a bit of credibility to director Josh Trank’s tweet regarding studio meddling but not specifically saying they meddled as seen here: 


Was this film another example of studio meddling? It damn sure looks like it. I saw Trank’s previous film “Chroncle” and loved it. I thought it was a cool take on the superhero story and that movie has none of the major flaws that this commits. So I find it hard to believe that he could put this out for audiences. Let’s break this thing down and see if there is anything worth saving (not really, but let’s try).

Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is a gifted youth who is working on teleportation when approached by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) to work for the Baxter Foundation to make a larger version of his machine which he made in a high school science fair with his best friend Ben Grimm (Jaime Bell) He meets Sue Storm (Kate Mara) her brother Johnny (Michae B. Jordan) and Victor von Doom (Toby Kebbell). They discover another dimension, get their powers. Story ends. No seriously that’s pretty much it. This movie has a beginning and and end. No climax, no buildup. It starts and its over. It honestly reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart’s friend Milhouse was Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie. At the end of the episode the movie was just a bunch of scenes. That’s what Fantastic Four felt like. And honestly it’s a shame because the first hour or so I enjoyed. 

  Some people are divided on the cast. I actually liked the cast. Unlike the previous films, this isn’t Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben the established characters and scientists. This was supposed an origin for them as people not just as the Fantastic Four. Toby Kebbell as Doom is wasted however. He’s presented as a bitter ex-protégé but nothing is expanded upon and he’s just a guy named Victor. Not Doctor Doom. 
 I repeat: NOT DR. DOOM!!!!!!!

I know this movie had detractors from the moment it was announced. There were some who wanted it to fail. I did not. I have no issues with a different take on an established property. We see it in comics and I don’t mind it in film. This didn’t fail because it was different however, it failed because for some unknown reason a studio released an incomplete motion picture. Batman & Robin may not be a good movie, but at least it’s a finished product.

Final Rating (2/5) and I’m being generous since I actually enjoyed the first hour of the movie before we just jumped to the conclusion. I hope when it’s released for home viewing, there is some sort of cut that actually completes the movie.


2 thoughts on “Review: Fantastic 4 (2015)

  1. Fine review. As you know I’m with you. This thing is a mess. I bet there is some truth to Trank’s accusation but I don’t completely buy it. There is just too much wrong with the movie IMO.

    • Totally a mess. I’d like to believe that that the jacked up structure is due to the studio meddling. I know Trank has only made 1 other film, but I can’t believe he would put out something without a middle act. Now the characters/dialogue that definitely can be pinned on him even if the movie was less of a mess. Terrible because I really wanted this to prove the initial detractors wrong.

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