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First Reaction – Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre


I haven’t covered anything music related since I wrote about Jay-Z’s The Blueprint on one of my earliest posts. As a huge fan of Dr. Dre’s work as far back as N.W.A, I was excited to hear he was releasing an album. Great timing considering the Straight Outta Compton film will be released soon. The last album Dre released was in 1999 with “2001.” 16 years is a long time. Dre has put in a lot of work during that time working with Game, Eminem and 50 Cent. I know we were expecting “Detox,” but what we have here is a fantastic album and a great testament to the Doctor’s career and influence in hip hop. This isn’t “The Chronic” or “2001.” This isn’t a banger type of album. While obviously there are some songs I like more than others, there isn’t a song I can pick and skip to. This album must be taken in as a whole. It feels like the natural evolution of Dre’s sound that we love and at the same time, a love letter to his city. Even though I am from Philadelphia I can understand totally the love of your hometown and I deeply respect that. Will this album be considered classic? Probably not. You won’t be spinning this at clubs and parties. However as piece of music from one of the best producers ever, it works on all levels for me and I can feel the love that went into this project. I highly recommend it.

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