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Comics Review: Starfire #1 & #2

  The newest book from DC creators Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, we get Starfire in her own solo series. 

The book follows Starfire looking for a new beginning in Florida. She befriends the local sherif and is looking for a place to stay. She moves in with an elderly woman and her grandson. However things aren’t quiet very long as a hurricane hits the town. Issue 2 covers the events of the hurricane and Star’s attempts to help the people. The end of the second issue sets up the first main antagonist. Both issues are pretty straightforward.

Like her character, the artwork here in both issues is bright and vibrant. I look forward to turning each page for more of the visuals. Also considering since the book takes place in Florida, we have a beautiful backdrop where the action is. The one issue I take with the book is the headers at the top of the pages. It breaks up the flow as I’m reading especially during issue two’s hurricane, but it’s not enough to totally take me out of the experience.

One other thing I have loved about this series so far is the naïveté of Starfire is captured brilliantly. Even when she’s flying about saving people, simple phrases that we understand are foreign to her. We even get to see what she’s thinking when someone makes a particular statement. And just to so how powerful television is, I can’t help but to read Starfire’s words in Hynden Walch‘s voice from the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! series.

As long as Connor and Palmiotti can keep the traits of Starfire as fresh as they have with Harley Quinn, I certainly will continue to pick this book up. It’s a load of fun.

Issue 1 (4/5) Fun setup

Issue 2 (3.5/5) More of the same, no major developments until the end.

Also check the DeaconsDen review of Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1 also from Connor and Palmiotti.

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