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Comics Review – Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa


This is the second of Mad Max Fury Road prequel comics that further flesh out the events of the recent film. The focus of this second issue is on protagonist Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron in the movie.

The issue begins like the previous with the historian recounting events. It first covers Immortan Joe selecting his Five Wives for breeding. Furiosa comes into the picture when she is tasked by Joe to watch out for the young women and protect them from his brute of a son Rictus. Furiosa says very little in this issue. Most of the focus is on the Five Wives and Joe’s treatment of them. We’re given no new information on her character, nothing that hasn’t already been told in the film. This issue should have been titled Furiosa and the Wives since they have most of the spotlight. The issue ends with their escape that is in the first act of the film.

Just like the first issue, I’m not a major fan of the art style. It at times can have too many lines and blacks for my tastes. But it does fit with this world and I can never stop praising the worldbuilding that George Miller does. Yet for this issue there isn’t much of that as it covers mostly events of the film more than the larger world.

Final Rating (3/5) Same issues with art style. Also not as focused on Furiosa as I expected. No new developments that weren’t already in the film.
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