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Comics Review – Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1

  Written by: Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Cover by: Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts

This is the first of a five issue miniseries that chronicles the team-up of Harley Quinn and Power Girl that was the focus of issues 11-13 of Harley’s series. In issue 12, Harley and Kara Zor-L disappear into some sort of portal on page 20. That was in panel 3. They reappear in panel 4 and seem to have had quite an adventure. So what happened between the panels? We get the first part of the story with the duo (I’d say heroes but is Harley a hero?) basically dealing with alien encounters. They come across a sort of base that has some sort of connection to Power Girl who has lost her memory. 

I am not a regular DC reader. I lean heavily toward Marvel, yet I began reading the Harley Quinn series because the covers by Amanda Connor caught my eye. After reading them, I really became hooked. Both Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti have a great handle on these two and I’m glad for the opportunity to read more adventures. I plan to go back and read Connor’s Power Girl series as well. 

The book’s artwork is vibrant and colorful. It’s very detailed and yet is very simply drawn. Styles like this I prefer more for not having to focus on details of the art and the story at the same time. This is just a fun read and if you enjoy the current Harley series, you’ll probably like this too. It’s pretty much more of the same, but that’s fine for me if its the same but with no missteps.

Rating (4/5) Nothing spectacular. More crazy Harley action and that’s totally fine with me.

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