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Month: July 2015

  • Superhero Snapshots

    Superhero Snapshots

    These are just some pictures I shot of the Justice League while practicing with my new Canon DSLR. Some are solo, some are with the animated movies released about them. Enjoy!                                    

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  • Review: Self/Less

    Review: Self/Less

       Directed by: Tarsem Singh Written by: David Pastor & Alex Pastor Billionaire Damien Hayes (Ben Kingsley) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is preparing his arrangements when he learns about a process called “shedding” in which his  consciousness is transferred into an artificially grown body. Hayes goes along with the procedure and his mind […]

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  • Exclusive-ness


    Picked up a few of the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusive Pops for the collection. First up is the newest MCU star. Scott Lang, Ant-Man here in his black suit.   We add another guardian to the squad with Rocket and Potted Groot.  Here we have a Target exclusive, Daredevil in his yellow suit from […]

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  • Review – Marvel’s Ant-Man

    Review – Marvel’s Ant-Man

      The 12th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived on the scene. Leading up to this film, I was unsure what I thought about this one. I have seen every film in the franchise thus far. All of them in theaters on their opening weekend. This was the first one I wasn’t sure about. […]

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  • Comics Review: Starfire #1 & #2

    Comics Review: Starfire #1 & #2

      The newest book from DC creators Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, we get Starfire in her own solo series.  The book follows Starfire looking for a new beginning in Florida. She befriends the local sherif and is looking for a place to stay. She moves in with an elderly woman and her grandson. However things […]

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  • Review – Terminator Genisys

    Review – Terminator Genisys

       Yes I know. I fed the machine. I contributed to what appears to a trend in Hollywood of inferior sequels making money that give way for more inferior sequels to beloved movies. I am part of the problem. This time however I was fine with it. Terminator Genisys is the fifth film in the […]

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  • Mad Max: A Retrospective for a first timer to the series.

    Mad Max: A Retrospective for a first timer to the series.

       Prior to the month of May 2015, I had never seen a single film in the Mad Max franchise. I’ve always known of the series and its impact, I just never got around to them.  Then came the trailers for the fourth film, Mad Max: Fury Road. From first glance it certainly looked exciting, […]

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  • Comics Review – Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa

    Comics Review – Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa

          This is the second of Mad Max Fury Road prequel comics that further flesh out the events of the recent film. The focus of this second issue is on protagonist Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron in the movie. The issue begins like the previous with the historian recounting events. It first covers […]

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  • Comics Review – Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1

    Comics Review – Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1

      Written by: Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray Cover by: Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts This is the first of a five issue miniseries that chronicles the team-up of Harley Quinn and Power Girl that was the focus of issues 11-13 of Harley’s series. In issue 12, Harley and Kara Zor-L disappear into some […]

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  • New on the Scene Part 3

    New on the Scene Part 3

    We come to the finale of my massive Funko Pop! Update         

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