Mad Max: Fury Road – Nux and Immortan Joe


This is the first in a series of comics dedicated to providing some backstory to the characters of Mad Max: Fury Road. They will be released over the summer and as each issue is released I will cover each one. By time this first issue came out I had not seen the movie yet. I wasn’t sure how much info in the comics would be in the film so I didn’t want to spoil anything for myself. This does nothing of the sort, so if you want to read this first you can. I do however recommend that you see the film first then follow up with these comics as it just further adds to the experience.

The stories are framed with a character called a wordburger, who has words written all over his body. This actually is very intriguing as he explains that those like him are responsible for keeping what written word there still is remaining in the world as most of it was burned. Just more great world building to George Miller’s excellent story. 

The first part of the book covers the backstory of Nux. The War Boy played by Nicholas Hoult in the film. We see his early childhood and it fleshes out his character as his search for his father leads him to Immortan Joe and how he got his nickname.

The bulk of the story is dedicated to the warlord Immortan Joe. Joe is a veteran of the wars of this world’s past who made an incredible stand to take over an aquifer that would become his base of operations. No one seems to truly know what happened when he took it over which adds to his legend as being immortal.

This issue is 34 pages and moves along at a great pace. Having seen the movie I wanted more which could have contributed to going through it. The artwork is nothing special. Not bad, but it doesn’t really stand out. I do love the cover however.

This was a nice first issue for this miniseries to continue fleshing things out in the Mad Max universe. I am excited for the other issues covering Furiosa and Max.

Final Rating: (4/5) Main knock is for artwork not standing out

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Film Review: Mad Max: Fury Road


The fourth film in the series created by Austrailan director George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road holds nothing back. 

Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) replaces Mel Gibson as Road Warrior Max Rockatansky. The film begins with Max being captured by the War Boys, the personal army of tyrant Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne, who also played villain Toecutter in the original Mad Max). Max is used as a blood bag since he is a universal doner for Nux (Nicholas Hoult).  

 Joe and his army is in pursuit of Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron). Furiosa has absconded with Joe’s prized breeders also know as the Five Wives (Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Courtney Eaton).

The plot is pretty much a chase movie from start to finish. It doesn’t really stand out. This film is a story about a world. A world that George Miller has expertly kept adding to its lore and mythology since 1979. We don’t know how the world got this way, but it feels like we know as much as the characters do. 

This is one of the more character focused action films since Aliens. It is through them that we as viewers understand this wasteland that we are presented with. Even though he is the title character, Max is not the primary focus. Then again in every post-Mad Max film he rarely is. The films tend to focus on how Max drifts in and out of the lives and struggles of others. We feel for Max because he simply is trying to survive. Nothing more, nothing less.

Furiosa on the other hand, mentions that she is looking for redemption and even though she breaks the wives out from Immortan Joe’s grasp, you wonder what happened to this woman that she seeks to right her wrongs.

Even as the main antagonist, Immortan Joe is intriguing as well. While he may be presented as a tyrant, warlord and man who sees women as property, Miller provides just enough nuance to make me wonder what does a man have to do to hold on to that kind of power? He keeps the wives as his breeders, but since they will bring forth his progeny, there is some sentiment he feels toward them, even if it’s by proxy because they carry his children. 


Now I know all the reviews praise the character of Furiosa and both the character and Theron’s acting deserve every bit of it. Yet for me my favorite character is Nux.


As the story begins, Nux is like most warriors. Reveling for the opportunity to die in battle. We don’t get his particular backstory, but most likely as a War Boy he was only shown one way. Once he has spent time with Max, Furiosa and the Wives, he is shown another way and his growth really shines. A them of the film is the return of hope and Nux’s transformation is an example of that.

I love Miller’s world building here. It gives us both everything and nothing at the same time. Then we get a hint of something that may or may not explain something but we viewers fill in the blanks. This quality runs into his filmmaking as well. Giving us moments where we don’t have to see things to know what happened. A standout scene for me was a moment where Max heads out at night retrieve supplies. We hear an explosion and he comes back. This was brilliantly filmed. Miller knows that we know that Max was gonna succeed so why waste time with a fight at that point in the film? We knew he would win.

Of course I can’t finish without discussing the superb action scenes. 

  So much vehicular carnage and not an ounce of CGI. Or at least any bit that I could obviously see. One thing that I loved about not only this film but the entire series is that Miller can convey something brutal and we feel it without it resulting to be either over the top gore or malicious. People are shot, blown up, run over and you don’t have to turn away from the screen.

My final thought is that Mad Max: Fury Road a perfect evolution of the action films of the 1980s. It’s hard to believe that George Miller could be away from this for so long and bring it back better than ever. This should be seen. Plain and simple. This is a spectacle that deserves to be seen on the big screen. 

Final Rating 5/5 


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Eric’s Review – “Batman vs Robin” (2015)

Check out my newest contribution for my good friend Vic over at Vic’s Movie Den. A review of the newest DC Universe animated film, Batman vs Robin.


Batman vs Robin Blu ray Cover Batman vs Robin Blu-ray

What’s it About?

While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman’s no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls.

Batman vs Robin”

Directed by Jay Oliva

Reviewed by Eric Jones

I really love these DC Universe animated movies. They excel for me in telling some of the top DC story-lines without the viewer having to invest in years of comic mythology to understand them. Recently they have taken an approach similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have began adapting stories from their New 52 era. Batman vs Robin, is the 4th film in this new continuity and sequel to the film Son of Batman.

unnamed (1)

Son of Batman introduced the character of Damien Wayne. Bruce’s son with Talia, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. At the end of that film, the young…

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Every Bond Film Reviewed in One Sentence

A great post summarizing the Bond films. Had to share this one.


My partner is the biggest James Bond fan I have ever known in my entire life. He has seen all of the films (except for Die Another Day and the Daniel Craig era ones) probably about one hundred times each. He’s recently started another Bond marathon, and I somehow came up with the idea of reviewing/commenting on each and every Bond film in one sentence each. Is that even possible to accomplish? Here goes!


Casino Royale(1967)
This film is ridiculously stupid and some may say it’s unwatchable, but I thought it was thoroughly amazing because given the constraints on the production and all the crazy shiz that went on behind the scenes, what has resulted is the weirdest and most subversive Bond film out of all of them.


Dr No (1962)
Not a lot of people like Dr No, but I do because the story is minimal enough…

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A Day at the Con

On Saturday May 9th 2015, My beautiful wife and I took part in the annual Wizard World Comic-Con in Philadelphia. This is the third time we have attended the convention. However it was the first time on a Saturday which is the day when everything major can happen. I didn’t have my regular camera, just my phone so I didn’t get it take a lot of pictures, but here’s a few just photos documenting our day.

  Here’s us on the train on our way to the convention. You can’t see my wife’s shirt but she’s wearing Captain America and I, Superman.

This was just the line to get our wristbands.

The madness inside….

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and even though I didn’t get it, I should have gotten this House Stark banner. Winter is Coming.

There was an exhibit devoted to Weta Workshops. Responsible for the amazing effects of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Azog stood tall to make the exhibit easy to find.

  And last we have a few cosplayers. Here we have Star-Lord and Gamora from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  And the Pirate/Assassin Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.
Anytime you have this much pop culture in one place, without question will be a good time. 

We even got to take in a panel with Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell!

We plan to be there next year and for years to come.

The Bolt, The Bow (The other one, not the DC Bow), The Beast and The Witches

Time for the regular update to the Funko Pop! collection…

Clint Barton. Aka Hawkeye of The Avengers

He’s always angry. Dr. Bruce Banner or The Incredible Hulk


From the 3rd season of American Horror Story, Coven. Cordelia Foxx and Myrtle Snow

From CW’s The Flash, Barry Allen, The Fastest Man Alive.

Film Review – Avengers: Age of Ultron

  It’s here at last! The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings back the team that broke all sorts of box office records back in 2012.

Joss Whedon is back at the helm and while Age of Ultron is great fun and a blast just like last time, I do have a few things to nitpick.

The film begins with a great action sequence of the Avengers in the middle of a mission. Once completed Tony Stark, along with Bruce Banner, work without the team knowing on Ultron, a peacekeeping initiative. Stark wants Ultron to protect the world from the threats that may be even too big for the Avengers. Since the movie would be over if it worked, it doesn’t. Ultron is brought to life and begins his plan for world wide extinction of humanity.

My breakdown


 Ultron is brought to menacingly, charismatic life by James Spader. Being mechanical, Ultron’s mannerisms remind you of his creator, Tony Stark. Spader was perfectly cast for this role.

Action Scenes: 

As in the first film, the action leaps off the screen as if it’s a living comic book. I did miss the brighter cinematography of the original film however. This could have made things pop a little more. But it’s a small complaint. My biggest issue was with the editing of the scenes. As things got more intense, it felt harder for me to follow along the action. Yet what I did see, was amazing.


Live action Hulkbuster? What else is there to say? I just wish I hadn’t seen in a million and one commercials and trailers first. That would have been a great surprise.

Supporting characters:

I absolutely loved the amount of time we got to spend with the supporting cast. Black Widow is still a fan favorite, especially with her blooming romance with Bruce Banner. We meet the twins Wanda and Pietro, or Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  


Most of all we get to see more of Hawkeye, who we didn’t get much time with last go round. Even during the final battle we get to see Clint Barton in a brief moment of leadership. Plus we’re treated to a friendly rivalry between him and Quicksilver. I actually enjoyed the supporting cast more than the main core.

I had a few other small issues. Nothing that I felt broke the film, just minor things for me. One thing was this film set up things to come even more so than others in the MCU. It felt a tad bit heavy handed towards the end. Again I liked the brighter cinematography of the last film, and I also felt that the action could be edited a bit quickly. In addition I missed Alan Silvestri scoring the film. Even though we hear the main Avengers theme, I wished there was something memorable to the score of this one. Danny Elfman does a fine job, but nothing stands out here.

All in all, Avengers: Age of Ultron is exactly what you expect. It does not disappoint there. 

Final Score (3.5/5)